VS EDGE Sec 1 Orientation- From Past to Present!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Are you reeeaaaddddyyy to RUMBLE!!!

What are 3 handsome men doing bright and early in the forest on New Year's Eve?
Rubbing the sleep from our eyes, and travelling ALLLLL the way from Siglap to Jalan Bahtera, who were these 3 brave musketeers? Let's see...

So in our to ensure that everything is prepared for Monday's EDGE 2010 Sec 1 Camp, our brave Camp Commandant, Mr Amir and his 2 brothers-in-arms: Mr Nizam and Mr Siow went down to do a final site recce at Jalan Bahtera. We had already confirmed all our manpower requirements and logistic arrangements at the campsite. Today, we were doing our final preparations to ensure that the route and terrain for the Nature Rumble were safe.

We first began by clearing the existing trails and placing route markers for our trek inside.

As we went deeper into the woodlands, we reach our first water obstacle. So here's a sneak preview for all you guys- our marshland stream :)
So here our brave Camp Commandant took one for the team and took a plunge into the deep end...

Luckily, Mr Amir wore his water proof boots- they were so water proof that once the water flowed in, the water stayed in and didn't flow out. hahah!

Actually, what we are doing here is to check the water levels in the stream to make sure that it will be safe for activities as well as to ensure no hidden obstacles.

What we aim to do is to provide a safe and fun environment for our boys to get wet and muddy to experience the great outdoors- thus in this way we mould them into Gentlemen, Professionals and Sportsment.

However, rest assured that in all our preparations, safety is foremost. Amidst the playful teasing amongst the 3 'brudders', we have a clear checklist for risk assessment and management (RAMs).
The grass clearing and tagging seen here is to make sure that all paths, routes are clearly demarcated. Also, the marsh forest is bordered by the Saribum Scout Camp and the main road, so it is not possible to get lost.

Apart from the usual forest insects, our recce also ensured that they were no animal threats like bee nests, hornets,etc in the area.

For the Nature Rumble, there will be at least 2 teachers on hand, with another 2 adult external instructors assisting us. Student leaders will also be on hard to help facilitate the session. So Victorians, while you will emerge wet, sticky and definitely very muddy, you can rest assured that you will have a great complexion after that session. Ladies have to pay lots of money for expensive spa treatment; but here at Victoria School, our EDGE Sec 1 Camp includes a Mud Spa to improve your complexion too! So that you will end up looking like a real Gentleman!

So how did our Macho Camp Commandant feel after his spa session?

Yes, even macho men need our spa treatment, right?

Now off to get a good shower and whack some prata for brunch!
See you boys on Monday! VS Boleh!