VS EDGE Sec 1 Orientation- From Past to Present!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back to School

Dear parent's, it has been a great 3 days and our boys are getting ready to go back to school.
The boys are scheduled to leave the campsite soon.
For safety we will gather ALL boys in the school hall and take attendance first before dismissing them, please DO NOT take your boys home on your own until we have dismissed them officially.

Estimated dismissal time from school is 12.30pm

After 3 days, the boys are all eager to be back to meet you

On Thu, they will report to school in their VS school uniform BY 10.00am
Please ensure that they bring along:
1)School Tie
3)Cash to pay for camp ($40 if they haven't done so already)
4)Cash for photo-taking $4

Time-table for tomorrow is here:
thu timetable
(NB: Sec 1F students are not involved in the CCA trials, so after their library orientation, they are dismissed. The students in 1F know about the specific arrangements for them already)

This is our last post from the blog. We thank you for all your support, for future updates please see http://mrsiow.blogspot.com

Area Cleaning

We always aim to leave the place cleaner than when we first arrived.
Here we see the boys cleaning the toilets and picking up litter:

We want the boys to learn to clean up after themselves and to be able to take ownership of what they do.

Hope the parents can help us to reinforce this lessons once they are back home!

It's the Last Day!

It's the last day and our boys are in high spirits but also eager to go home too!
So let's start with breakfast and see how they are doing ...