VS EDGE Sec 1 Orientation- From Past to Present!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Belay School and Safety Briefings

Once we settled the boys in, we proceeded with an essential safety briefing.
The boys were taught how to wear and check the various safety equipment that they would be using.
They were also introduced to the various commands to be used with their seniors who would be belaying them during the climbing activities.
Here we see the boys being taught how to wear their helmets and harnesses.

We also show gave them a simple intro to the equipment to be used during kayaking- the paddles and the personal floatation devices

Once they were briefed on that, we did a demonstration with the seniors showing how how a successful and safe climbing process was like.

Apart from that, we also ensured that certain camping fundamentals were covered like hygiene and environmental awareness. The boys were briefed on the washing up process after meals so as not to have clogged sinks and choked sewerage.
We also made arrangements for the Muslim boys to set aside time and space for their prayers.

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