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Monday, January 4, 2010

Going the Distance....

Cross-Country has been a niche sport in VS for many years. In fact, for 19 years consecutively VS has been either a B-Div or C-Div champion in Cross-Country and in some years, we have taken both division titles.

This is a proud feat that no other school can attest to. One of the key reasons for this success is that Cross-Country fits into the mindset of the Victorian- we believe in our motto Nil Sine Labore, where there is Nothing Achieved without Labour.
Hence, the long, lonely, arduous path of the long distance runner is something that finds a strong resonance within the Victorian spirit.

So at the close of the day, Cluster 1 (Sec 1A, Sec 1B, & Sec 1C) went for their evening run. Here we see them as they depart on their starting leg:

Running as a cohort means that we are able to encourage the boys to push each other to go the distance. It doesn't matter so much who is first and who is last; rather what matters is that everyone is able to cross the finish line together:

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