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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Doctor, doctor, I'm not feeling well..."

Dear Parents,

Many of you are anxious whether your sons are in good health, eating well, feeling homesick.

Some of you may be concerned about what happens should students fall sick? There may be no news from camp, you may not have managed to spot your sons in the videos or pictures, how do you know if he's alright?

Well, in every Sec 1 Camp we definitely do get boys who do not feel well for a variety of reasons. That is part and parcel of running and managing a camp.

We monitor each case closely and ensure that the Form Teacher, the Sec 1 Level Co-ordinator (Mr Ben Khor, who's also staying in with us) and the Camp Commandant, Mr Amir are aware of each case.

So what do we do in cases of real emergency?

Ta dah- we have the one and only Victoria van. Our 24hr safety vehicle located right with us at the camp!

For those boys who need medicial attention, we have contacted their parents and in these cases brought them to the clinic to see the doctor.
As you can see, we take the safety of our students seriously and when the need arises, we will act to take the necessary measures to safeguard the well-being of our students.

In the above cases, once the doctor has given his prognosis, we will advise the parents accordingly and then work with them to manage the situation.

So rest assured that your sons are in good hands!

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