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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Recipe to make one Victorian student (Some assembly required)

Recipe to make 1 Victorian
The following recipe makes 1 Victorian
(Some assembly is required)

1) First take 1 pair of muddy shoes


...to take him off the beaten track

2) Add in a few elements of risk
...to take him out of his comfort zone

3) Add periodic long distance runs during the process
... so that he learns to go the distance for there is Nothing Without Labour

4) Allow for a few mistakes in life
... do he learns to find his way in the dark

5) Mixture will sometimes get tangled up but allow to simmer on low heat
... so that he learns to sort things out himself

6) Keep stirring mixture
... so that he learns to mix well with others

7) When ready, serve with humilty
... so that he learns that each person's success is dependent on the support of those next to him.

8) Leave recipe to set for 4 years (always checking constantly with teachers)
and voila

1 complete Victorian

Made in 4 years

but guaranteed for LIFE

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