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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kayaking in the Johor Straits

After washing of the mud from our 'Spa experience', I was just in time to catch 1A and 1B as they were attending their safety brief in preparation for their kayak session:

You can see that our instructors are very detailed with their safety briefs and ensure that our students know how to use all equipment properly

Before beginning any activity in open water, we always ensure that all students put on PFD and are familiar with their use in being able to float safely in open water:

After ensuring that the boys are able to float safetly, we set out to sea!
Having to dodge errant kayaks, take video, paddle my kayak and avoid getting hit by the students' paddle was a challenge- luckily I never capsize:

Despite their initial awkwardness, the boys soon gained their confidence and were able to manuever smoothly and confidently around the area:

Of to change now and get the boys ready for lunch!

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