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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Spa Victoria

So finally ladies and gentlemen, I am back from my spa session!
If you parents would like to feel young and rejuvenated, I strongly recommend joining us for a Spa adventure (haha, can get our Parents Support Group to organise la)

I joined Sec 1A and Sec 1B for our Spa adventure. So here's the spa package offered by Spa Victoria
First all, we had the herbal mud-pack body wrap :) to detox and exfoiliate your body and infuse you with the Victorian Spirit!

Next we have our mangrove jacuzzi for clearer and smoother skin:

I'm sure parent's want to see a before and after, right?
"My complexion was really bad, before Victoria Spa, this is how I looked..."
Bearded Look

"... But after my experience with Spa Victoria...., my skin became silky smooth."

All of us enjoyed ourselves greatly and it the trek back to camp was filled with loud cheers and joyful songs.

I'm heading over to kayaking side now!

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