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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mathematics for Campers

Mathematics for Campers

1 x videographer to collect 30mins of watchable footage = 4 man-hours
2 x photographer to collect 500 shots of photos = 4 man-hours x 2 = 8 man-hours
NB: to catch it on film, you have to be there, do the activity and follow it through

Sorting through videos and photos = 2 man-hours
Uploading of footage = 5 min per 10MB, about 5 man-hours daily
Publishing of blog, extraction of html coding, = 6 man-hours daily

Total 25 man-hours for total blog post for 1 day
wait... one day has only 24 hours.
Liddat how? How to fit 25 hours work in 24 hours?

Stressed Victorian

Liddat that siao liao lor

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